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Keeping Calm On Your Wedding Day...

Bride and bridesmaids getting ready on a wedding day

Hours, days, months spent planning this special day. It's no wonder that in the weeks leading up to the day itself you can start to feel stressed or anxious about keeping calm on your wedding day. So much money spent, so many people coming, it can all feel very overwhelming. BUT I have your back... I have spent many a wedding morning (over 400 now!) with you lovely lot, and I have picked up a trick or two on what makes for a less stressful and way calmer wedding morning...

1) Delegate

Any self confessed perfectionists among us? Have to have control over everything? Yup me too. However I cannot stress enough to DELEGATE... However painful that word may seem. Doesn't have to be the big stuff, but small stuff like - Putting petals in bags for confetti, Putting up lights, putting someone in charge of order or services to hand out etc.. These small jobs that make a logistic headache in your head. Just give a bridesmaid/ groomsman these jobs and they instantly dissolve in your brain.

Wedding dress hanging up at Hedsor House

2) Labels

Peel and remove labels from shoes, dresses, veils and jewelry a few days ahead of the wedding day. This may seem menial, however I have had many a wedding morning with brides frantically trying to peel the price labels off of their shoes, or can't find scissors to cut labels off (don't worry I do have them in my kit if not!) meaning they feel flustered as it is eating into their getting ready time.

Bride getting makeup finished on her wedding day

3) Trials

Have a hair and makeup trial before the wedding day. I often get requests although thankfully not many wishing to opt for no trial. Having a trial is a two way de-stresser. It de-stresses you as you know exactly the style you are having and you love it. It de-stresses me as I know what I am doing and I know you love it. We can both relax and have a good time together - win win!

4) Schedule

You may have a planner on board, in which case this will be a no brainer. However for those that don't. Make sure you map out what is happening when. The morning is when you may be the most nervous (hopefully not too much after these tips!) so map out the hair and makeup timings (we can help with this) so you know that everything will run smoothly and not feel rushed before you leave to tie the knot.

5) Photo planning

Which also leads me nicely into having a chat with your photographer ahead of the day. Make a plan of what photos you want before you walk down the aisle. This then means any snaps you want, we can schedule into the timings for hair and makeup to be ready so it can all flow nicely.

Bridal portrait of hair and makeup on her wedding day

6) Moving Location

Try to limit moving from one place to another. As hair and makeup artists, there is nothing more annoying/ stressful than moving our kits from one place to another. I know that some venues have access times (infuriating we know!) But please think about the logistics of this and how it will eat into time. Often when I schedule a move it can take away over an hour of hair and makeup time. It can feel very stressful having to move dresses/ boxes etc from one place to another especially after having started pampering and then having to stop. My advice would always be to stay in one place where you can, unless you can get a good few hours at your venue ahead of the ceremony time to make it worthwhile. A beautiful car arriving at the venue will never go out of style...

Bride getting her wedding dress on with her bridesmaids

7) Bodies in the room

Large bridal parties can be fun and depending on your nature this may be just the ticket for making you feel calmer as the energy can be brilliant. But if you are a particularly anxious person and you have a large bridal party getting ready with you, then perhaps two rooms would be best so you can have a bit of a quieter experience for when you are getting your hair and makeup done.

8) Bridesmaid hair photos

Gather images of hairstyles that bridesmaids/ mums and guests want ahead of the day. This helps me and my team know exactly what we are doing ahead of the day and we can just crack on and the timings will just flow beautifully... no stress AT ALL!

Bride getting professional makeup done on her wedding day.

9) Grab bag

Place jewellry, underwear and perfume in a small bag together. This is your other "getting ready" pieces and if they are all in one place, then it's less flapping where things have gone and you can just grab these before putting the dress on.

10) No Phone

Half way through the morning hand your phone to someone to look after and to only report if anything urgent comes in. You really need to be in the moment not looking at instagram. Messages and well wishes are lovely, but NO ONE expects a reply. So look at them tomorrow together and reply then.

Beautiful bridal makeup on a bride to be.

11) Playlists

Ask a bridesmaid ahead of the day to create two playlists. One for fun and upbeatness, another for calmness. You may need both at different points of the morning.

12) Emergency bag

Pack an "emergency bag" this will ease any anxiety knowing you have items that can fix just about any issue. I would pack the following: Plasters, boob tape, safety pins, Paracetamol, needle and thread, a knitting needle (for doing up buttons) and a pillow case (for anyone having to pull the dress over your head - it stops makeup transferring).

Bride looking at herself in a mirror before getting married.

13) Getting changed

Allow 45 minutes to 1 hour after your hair and makeup finishing to get into your dress. It might seem like a long time, but by the time you have dressed, had photos and had a final makeup touch up it will be time to get married. You don't want to feel rushed getting dressed, and its important that you get to see yourself in the mirror as a bride and take that in.

14) Your wedding starts the moment you wake up

The whole morning is also your wedding day, so try to enjoy it as much as you can, there is nothing more that can be planned that day, so just relax into it and breathe!

I really hope that these little tips may help you on your day, and myself and team are with you every step of the way. Now go get married!

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