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8 Ways To Wear Flowers In Your Hair

Want to wear flowers on your big day? Don't know what hairstyle to go for? Completely lost on what will look great on you? Well this is exactly why I created this blog post.

Below is a little video showcasing 8 of my top hairstyle choices I get frequently asked for, and what ways flowers work best within these hairstyles. So have a watch below:

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As featured above in the video, here are my Top 8 hairstyle choices pictured below. All styled by myself - Give them a pin to your Pinterest boards if its something that catches your eye!









I have also teamed up with Rosie from Flowers By Rosie Orr who created all of these hair flowers featured in the video and images. She has kindly answered some of your burning hair flower questions which I think helps massively when thinking of this aspect of your wedding planning or just for fun!


- I really want to have fresh flowers in my hair, but I am getting married in Summer and am worried they may not last? What should I do?

Your florist will recommend flowers that last well in hot weather but the most important thing is to keep the flowers in damp tissue and a cool place until the last minute. If it is a heat wave then best to stick to just greenery such as olive and a little wax flower for colour.

- How do you make sure the flowers are secure in my hair? What options are available?

The flowers are individually wired so your hairdresser can easily secure them into your hair with grips. This makes it much lighter and more comfortable to wear too.

- What type of flowers would you recommend I wear in my hair for an Autumn wedding?

For an autumnal wedding look I suggest deep colour mini roses, rose hips, hydrangea flowers, berries and sedum's.

- I really want to have a festive Christmas feel to my wedding day, and I love the idea of incorporating some florals into my hair, what would you recommend to give a festive but classy look?

At Christmas I recommend rose hips or hypericum berries with ivy leaves and deep red hydrangea petals. If you have a flower crown you can have little lights interwoven for a very pretty festive look when it gets dark!

- What flowers are most popular for brides to choose in their hair?

The most popular is gypsophila and spray roses which are both resilient and pretty, although gypsophila is becoming a dated look now so would suggest wax flower or oxypetalum as a perfect replacement.

- What do you anticipate for flowers in the hair for 2021?

For next year the colours are more green and whites so I envisage more greenery such as olive and eucalyptus with jasmine or oxypetalum being used for a more casual ethereal look.

- Flower crowns are they still going strong?

Flower crowns are always a popular look and with smaller weddings becoming more popular, a veil is maybe too formal and a flower crown just gives the perfect finishing touch. - I have small flower girls and I am worried they won't like flowers in their hair, can you suggest an alternative?

I never recommend flowers for anyone under 3-4 yrs old as their hair is too fine and it is too much for them to cope with. A flower crown made on string and not a wire frame with something simple and light is perfect for little ones. It tends to stay on better than any smaller design and they always look so cute. What would you recommend for the half up half down hair style? 

This is a very popular look for bridesmaids and I suggest having one beautiful bloom placed at the back of the head. This looks so pretty from the back when they walk up an aisle and the colour can match up with the boy’s buttonholes for a coordinated look.

I hope that you found the above helpful for your bridal prep and wedding planning - drop me a comment below on which style YOU LOVE below!

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