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 I guess I have Kevyn Aucoin to thank with his book " Making Faces" for my love of makeup artistry. I realised makeup wasn’t just something women used to enhance their natural beauty. But rather a tool we had at our disposal to be anyone we wanted to be.

Some of my favourite products I like to use on my brides are Face Atelier foundations (they make a colour for everyone and it looks like second skin), Charlotte Tilbury’s Eyes to Mesmerize cream shadows and lastly Glossier’s Cloud Paint for the most natural looking flushed cheeks!


I’ve worked for some amazing artists and beauty brands over the years, along with production companies and for Fashion Week.

I have to say, through all my work experience, bridal makeup and hair is by far my favourite because it gives me the opportunity to make a woman’s most precious day even more memorable by giving her the look she’s always dreamed of. Watching brides reactions as they look into the mirror for the first time after having their makeup done is the best feeling in the world, and makes me love my job that much more.

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