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I strongly believe that makeup is one of the most impactful ways to express yourself. Everyone’s idea of beauty is unique and individual to them, whether it is natural or full on glamour. I like to live by the following quote…….

“Makeup is not a mask,

Makeup is art

Makeup is passion

Makeup is expression…..”


I don’t tend to have a favourite style of hair or make up because I love working with clients to create whatever look makes them feel and look their most beautiful and confident. However, I would say I’m influenced by vintage and modern glamour, bohemian styles, colour, texture and florals. I’m always learning and always open to new inspirations.

I just love being a part of a Bride’s most special day, my experience has given me an understanding of what it means to combine attention to detail with a calming influence, helping her to feel the best she possibly can.

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