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What Happens at a Hair And Makeup Trial?

A bride sitting down having her makeup professionally applied. She has her back to the camera and we can see her beautiful soft waves on her brunette hair which also sports a sparkly hair accessory.

A trial session is vital for deciding and having an initial consultation about how you wish to look and feel on your wedding day. I always highlight to my clients that it isn't a "try before you buy" service with us, as I hope that you feel already confident with your decision upon booking the right artist based on our work we put out over our visual channels. Its more of a chance for us to navigate your wedding look. Delve into your comforts, wishes and initial thoughts. Our skillset is to hone in on your wishes, find patterns, your non- negotiable's and find a bridal look that you feel confident, sexy and excited about.

We as a team are eager to make you feel relaxed in our presence. All of the girls in my team, one of the core factors I look for before I hire anyone is they have to have a unique skillset of making whoever they are making up feel listened too, nurtured, and connected. It's people skills on another level. Its a very personal thing being one to one with a stranger who is about to play with your hair. So our initial vibe is to always try to put you at ease, welcome you, reassure you and offer you a hot drink and a chat. We are all obsessed with weddings here at Amanda White and we will probably start your trial with getting to know your wedding plans, how you guys met, and whats your love story. It all begins there and we love hearing about it :)

A bride having her makeup professionally done, the makeup artist is holding a brush to her face and a palette in her hand. The bride is laughing and looks very happy its her wedding day.

For each of our clients who have booked in with us, you receive lots of information in the lead up to your trial regarding places to find inspiration, skin prep and your very own trial checklist which helps you best prepare and what to bring. We usually ask to see a photo of your dress, as well as any hair/makeup inspiration images. From these images and a lot of chatting about your comforts, we can usually find a pattern in what you are looking for and start to build a visual. You may be asked quite a number of questions from us just so we really understand you, and what you like/ don't like. Quite often its in the things you don't like that can be the most helpful.

A hollywood wave hairstyle on a bride to be. The hair is brunette with blonde highlights and its is super glossy and polished.

If you feel undecided, don't fret this is very common and not surprising considering the amount of inspiration that is out there. Usually from your imagery (especially hair) we can see common denominators and start to narrow down your choices based on your answers to questions we ask, such as "Do you ever wear your hair up?", "How do you like the parting?", "Do you like any softness around the face?". Sometimes we need to see a few options visually before we can actually know if something is working for us. This is why a trial session is so vital. It can be the subtle changes that can make you go from feeling "mmm its ok" to "yessss that is so much better" and if we left that until the day, it would eat into the timings and make you feel more anxious.

A makeup artist - Amanda White is applying lipstick to her bride on her wedding day. The bride has a flawless complexion and a soft smoulder with feline flick on her eyes.

Whilst with us on the trial, it's important for us that you speak truthfully. Makeup and hair can all be corrected/ tweaked and changed. Its a two way consultation and it only works if we know how you are feeling and for you to express anything that you are not particularly liking and why. We can be on the same page, correct and take your feedback into our creation and make it exactly your vision (or better!).

A trial for both hair and makeup usually lasts around 3- 4 hours. If having one or the other then expect it to be 2 hours. It may seem lengthy, but we do love a natter, we want to get to know you, so we can bring your personality into the look. As mentioned through every step we ask questions. "Are you comfortable with mascara on your bottom lashes?", "What coverage of foundation do you usually wear?". This makes the trial take a bit longer than what it will take on the wedding day. Its important to us for you to really get the most out of our time together, to make sure you are at ease and feel super excited about your wedding day look.

The bridal hairstylist- Amanda White is fixing a hair accessory which has a leaf shape to it into a half-up hairstyle on a brunette bride.

Others can join you at your trial for support and for a second opinion. I do think this can be a great thing, especially if you a naturally indecisive person. This can bring you peace of mind knowing you have someone to help guide and who understands you and your comforts well. But for others, having another person with an opinion can be distracting. So think about what you would prefer.

After the trial we usually ask you to wear your hair and makeup all day. See how it wears, whether the hair drops, anything slides, moves, transfers. Because a trial isn't just within the time with us, it's afterwards. We need this feedback, so we know whether we need to tweak certain products for on the day to get an even better result. Without a trial we wouldn't have that understanding and can't perfect it for on the day.

A bride on her wedding day is gazing to her left about to walk down the aisle after having her hair and makeup done. She is blonde, wearing a soft wave and floral headband.

It can be quite daunting the thought of a trial, especially if you are undecided or are nervous about what you will look like. It is common for some of our clients to feel a bit self conscious too which can make you feel anxious and nervous. We do understand, acknowledge the importance of what you will look like when you walk down the aisle. We want you to relax in the knowledge that we appreciate the monumental moment of you getting married and wanting to look incredible and the pressure that sits around that. But remember you are YOU and we aim that you come away feeling positive, beautiful and confident in your own skin (just tweaked very slightly! hehe)

Now lets get you booked in...

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