"Fashion fades, only style remains the same" Coco Chanel - Amanda White
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“Fashion fades, only style remains the same” Coco Chanel

24 Sep “Fashion fades, only style remains the same” Coco Chanel

Never in my opinion has a truer word been said. Style is something that is personal and should reflect yourself and personality. I often get Brides a little bit stuck as to what to pick for their chosen hairstyle for their wedding day.

“Do I have it up or down? ” ” I never wear my hair up – should I have it up for my wedding?” ” Will it compliment the dress?” “What do I wear in my hair?” The list of questions is endless. It is also to be expected; this is the biggest day of your life with potentially over 100 guests looking at you – yes thats more than a little bit daunting!

Sometimes not to go overkill with Chanel Quotes but ” Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance” 

I also insist that brides MUST feel comfortable and feel like themselves if not a little more glamorous. I would never for a minute want them to feel conscious or uneasy about how they feel about their hair. Sometimes a more classic or a word I use a lot during trials a ” Timeless” style can really compliment a more detailed or embellished dress. By ” Timeless” I mean a softer hairstyle, one that is a little more relaxed and not so harsh can make a hairstyle look effortless and romantic. Something that will not take away from the impact of the dress. Hairstyles that are vintage inspired, or have little art deco combs or flowers placed artfully within the hairstyle can really make a style reflect well in photos, and hopefully in years to come will still look classy and elegant.

This season has been crazy, and with the peak season slowly calming down as we reach Autumn I am reflecting over some brides I have had the honour of making over and styling their hair on their special days. I have congregated a few images I have collected of some of my favourite hairstyles that  simply won’t go out of style..

A beautiful, softly swept low bun ensemble, paired with two adorable fan like pins. The bride wanted something that was off her face, but still soft and gentle so she still felt feminine.

Gemma opted for a more vintage inspired hairstyle. She was keen on having a bun, but wanted something that would compliment the detailing of the lace on her dress. The use of the art deco comb really makes this hairstyle stand out.

After not knowing whether she wanted her hair up or down, we actually made the decision that morning, and I think we made the right one. Aiste loved the idea of having a sweeping fringe with a 40’s element too it. This brings some height into the hair and screams an aura of elegance.

Vicky was one of this years July Brides and she loved the idea of small delicate flowers adorned into the hair. Gyp is one of the best flowers out there for creating a romantic boho style. It doesn’t overkill it either as they are small rather than large or often overpowering flowers. Against her dark tousled hair I think this looks so beautiful.

This was actually a bridesmaids hair. Quite understated and chic in my opinion. I love how sleek it looks and something like this works on catwalks year and year again – Timeless eat your heart out.

Rosanna had her garden wedding recently in August and wanted something that was well suited to the environment of her wedding. Being a garden wedding she didn’t want anything overly fussy and so we opted for loose romantic curls, with some parts twisted back to bring some hair away from her face. I always think this works so well on blonde hair, the definition of the curls always looks fab.

This image I wanted to showcase that it isn’t always from the back we should focus our attention on. More often that not its the front that always need tweaking. We can keep it soft and beautiful around the front as well, by having some layering towards the front of the hairstyle. This can soften the hair style, and really compliment your features and makeup.

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