"It's a Family Affair" - Amanda White
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“It’s a Family Affair”

30 Nov “It’s a Family Affair”

This past year I have been blessed to have had so many brides say ” I do” in booking me for their big day. I truly love my job. The buzz of a wedding morning, is contagious. Laughter, and emotions are high, but ultimately love is all around whilst friends and family get ready together. It simply is such a great joy to be a part of.

Over the last month I have had time to reflect on certain things in my life. Having lost my grandma earlier this year and my partner who lost his grandfather, it made me realise that family is everything. Without them we wouldn’t be where we are today.

I for one remember it was my brother telling me to take a leap of faith and quit my ” Day job” working on makeup counters and to just jump in the deep end and set up my own business. So I did… 4 years on and I couldn’t be happier. So with thanks to him, my family and partner for supporting me and helping me achieve what I have so far.

This year has been rocky loosing loved ones, but through weddings I can see that family really is the core of love and for that reason I would like to share some brides I have had the pleasure of “making up” for their special days.

With Christmas fast approaching what better time of year to celebrate all things Family 🙂

With thanks to all my brides for allowing me to be a part of your wedding days.




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Our Wedding x 187

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