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What to look for when choosing Hairstyles

19 Apr What to look for when choosing Hairstyles

When I arrive at a trial with a client I often look at pictures they have collected and run through the type of look they wish to achieve. The questions I might ask are:

“How would you like the front to sit?”

“How much volume would you like at the back?”

“What type of curl would you like, a soft curl or more of a beach textured wave?”

“Would you like your ears to be shown or covered?”

So often which is totally normal this can be completely alien to you and you have no clue as to what I mean, as you’ve never had your hair done for your wedding before right?

These questions I have to ask, as these are the clues between what makes your hairstyle perfect for you.

When researching some hairstyles it is very common that you are mainly looking at the back of the hairstyle, looking at its intricate detailing or its lovely flowing waves. Perhaps looking at her hair colour or even the hair piece in the image. But have you looked at any images of how the front should look?…

I always find the front is the part which clients often find the hardest to acknowledge what they are after. This is the personal choice aspect. After all this is the part that frames your face, and what will be seen in most of your wedding pictures.

When looking at images online and on Pinterest, as well as looking at the detail, have a look at how you want the front. Would you like it softly pulled back, without any form of parting like this favourite image from a lot of clients of Lauren Conrad:

lauren conrad

Or maybe you would prefer a softly swept to the side type front like Jennifer Lawrence or perhaps with lots of loose boho curls:

JenniferSoft frontBoho hair up

Sometimes its a mix of both, the front pulled away from your face, but loose tendrils frame around the ears for example:

Hair both

Have a real think about what you think you would be most comfortable with on the day.

With half up and half down styles often the front of these styles we don’t always think about. Depending on your comfort zone the slight difference between your ears showing or your ears covered can make for a completely different look from the front:

Half up earsCara

Try when narrowing your chosen hairstyles down that you also have a think about the type of curl in the picture. This I can of course help with as it can be a bit of a minefield. There are so many different types of curl, from very tightly curled, to a barely there – just slight textured curl.
Beach waveCurly hairBlonde hairhollywood wavemessy curl

Also have a think about volume in your hairstyle, even showing me pictures of too much or too little can really help me gage just how much height you would like in your hair.

Cara big hair

hair volumeno volume

This has to be quite clear before we begin prepping and styling the hair as it can be hard to then re-create another form of curl or volume once we have tried one style. Tips on this is to think of celebrity’s hair you like the look of – most popular would be Kate Middleton esk curl and height, like below:

Kate middleton soft curl

If you are worried that your hair won’t hold a curl, or your hair you feel isn’t thick enough to achieve a certain look. As long as your realistic in your hair picture choices, and are keeping your own hair in mind then thats the first step. There are lots of things we can add such as padding and extensions which can help with holding a curl or for adding a bit more bulk. Ultimately though you will be surprised what your own natural hair can do with the right tools and a good back combing brush.

So go an explore those options – Pinterest being my favourite place to start looking at ideas. Happy hair exploring! x

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