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Radiant Makeup? Starts at Home…

06 Sep Radiant Makeup? Starts at Home…

Being a professional makeup artist, it is my job to make you look incredible on your wedding day. With my Ethos of creating Natural enhancing makeup, which shouldn’t mask your face, with a result that makes you look and feel beautiful. My aim for every single client is to make them feel confident when walking down the aisle.

Often at trials I give lots of recommendations that you can do at home, to really get the best out of your skin, to make your makeup look incredible. After all, your skin is the canvas, the base to which my products sit on.

Here are my inside tips to what you should be doing weekly if not daily in the run up to your wedding:


It is my number one skincare routine that you simply MUST do! Think of all the dirt you pick up on your route to work each day, and how often you touch your face, and that’s without makeup.

Makeup wipes are simply a NO! Bin them now, as they only circulate dirt and grime around your face. To really cleanse the skin and go deeper than just removing your makeup, opt for a Muslin Cloth based Cleanser.

One of my all time favourites is Liz Earle Hot cloth Cleanser it’s brilliant for all skin types, and I have been using it for years. It penetrates deep into your pores, removing all traces of dirt and gently exfoliates at the same time. Afterwards my skin feels sweaky clean and fresh.

Brides, who have used this since I have recommended it to them, have noticed their skin clearing up and their pores not so large, also a reduction in oily breakouts as well. To top that off no more dead skin cells will be visible on the top of the skin, meaning your makeup will glide on better and with more ease, making it smoother and more radiant.

Skin Blog Liz




Yes you can moisturise in the morning also, but at night is when the magic happens. During the night your skin regenerates whilst you are sleeping. We actually shed a layer of skin every night so a good night moisturiser will help to nourish the skin with the vitamins and skin plumping ingredients it needs. Who doesn’t want to wake up looking a little less puffy and tired as your moisturiser has worked over night to replenish what it may have lost during the day. Depending on your skin type, there are some brilliant night creams out there. Here are some of my favourites:


-REN  Revitalising Night cream

blog ren

Its lightweight in Texture and doesn’t contain Parabens. It is wonderful to wear as it doesn’t feel too oily and my skin in the morning looks more even and radiant. Perfect for summer months.


-OSKIA Bed time Beauty boost

blog Oskia

This is truly one of my favourite ever night creams. It can feel a little heavy, so I tend to put it on an hour before I go to bed to allow time for it to soak in. Great for dry, more mature skin. It’s a little on the pricey side, but a little goes a long way and it smells like refresher sweets. Leaves my skin so soft.

KIEHLS Midnight Recovery concentrate

Blog Kiehls


I first used this product about 2 years ago and I am completely hooked. Very good for particularly dehydrated skin and for winter time when the central heating goes on. I am obsessed with Concentrates and Oils and I find this one I really notice in the morning. It really does “ Recover” and my skin looks instantly more radiant. Because it is a concentrate I tend to use it perhaps 1- 2 times a week, and use it more like a treatment.



It is extremely important to exfoliate your skin at least 2-3 times a week to eliminate dead skin cells from the surface of your skin, to reveal more radiant smoother skin. Be careful if you have particularly sensitive skin as some exfoliators can irritate the skin, but there are some really great ones on the market like the French brand Avene (Boots). Which contain small beads that are softer than some exfoliators, which can be a little abrasive.

blog avene

For more oily skin, you may want to up your routine to 3-4 times a week and opt for a slightly more pore refining option like Origins.

blog origins




Yes it sounds simple… but so many of us are guilty for not drinking enough water. They say we should aim for 2 litres a day, thats 8 glasses!

blog evianWater is vital for good skin health, so instead of your lunchtime Diet Coke opt for water instead, maybe jazz it up with some cut up lemons or limes and some ice for good measure…



Facials can be a brilliant way to really enhance your skin for your wedding day. Not essential, but its relaxing and it can really benefit how your skin looks and feels. I would do a course of maybe 4- 5 over a few months so you can really see the benefits. Liberty London often has offers on, with various skin care brands such as Sisley and Ren and often this can be claimed back to use against products.

Please don’t have facials too close to the wedding day, as sometimes breakouts occur as the toxins are released from the skin, so I would have your last one maybe a week and a half before your wedding day.

blog spa

If you follow these guidelines on looking after your skin, I guarantee that you will see results and your makeup will go on like a dream and look the best it can for you all-important photographs.

Hope this helps x


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